Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds 
in Odessa, TX

Chavez Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services for individuals facing legal troubles in the Odessa area. In addition to legal representation, we also offer bail bond services. If you need to post bail to get a loved one out of jail, we can help. We offer bail bonds that can help you get the money you need to post bail and get your loved one released. 

We help individuals better understand the entire bail process. 

When an individual is arrested and jailed, the court may set a bail amount for that individual's release. Bail is posted in exchange for the temporary release of the defendant until their next appearance in court, under the condition that the arrested individual will show up on their court date.
Bail is set by the court based on a variety of factors including:
  • Severity of the crime
  • Likelihood of the individual returning for court dates
  • Criminal history
  • Risk of harm to society
  • History of missing court dates
Bail Bonds | Odessa, TX | The Chavez Law Firm
By working with us, you can get the money you need quickly. We work hard to make the whole process as easy as possible. When you need a bail bond, trust the legal experts at Chavez Law Firm. Call us today.

Bail Bonds FAQ

Q - What is a bail bondsman?
A - An agent or corporation that can pledge money or property and act as a surety for the appearance of persons accused in court.

Q - How much does it cost to post bail?
A - Agents generally charge a fee that is based on a percentage of a bond. The fee is generally non-refundable, this is how the agent is compensated. 

Q - What is the purpose of a Bail Bond?
A - If you are charged with an offense, you may be taken into custody until the time of a trial. Often the court will allow you to post bail, which will allow you to remain free until your court date. If you can't afford to pay for bail, then you can enlist the services of a bail bondsman. These agents can act a a surety and help you to avoid custody until it is time to appear in court.

Q - Will I always need collateral?
A - It is sometimes necessary to to require collateral in cases where a high amount of bail is set. It is important to remember, every case is different. Our bail bonds team can help you find out what you need for your case.

Q - What can happen if the defendant is re-arrested in another state or county?
A - If this happens, it is imperative that you contact our bail bonds office as soon as possible, in order to help ensure your protection.

Q - If someone is released on bail and then the case is dismissed, what happens?
A - You will likely still owe the premium for bail bond. The commission is earned once the defendant is released on a bond. Regardless, a bail bond company does not always have a way of knowing whether or not the District Attorney is going to file a case or not.

Remember, it is imperative that you or the person you are bailing out attends their court date. Failure to appear in court can lead to severe penalties and financial consequences. 
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