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David Perez  - 5 stars
December 14, 2015
"Me parece excelente, por que es un abogado penalista de gran calidad, ya que es graduado de harvard, y eso le da buena reputacion."

Rob J.
Odessa, TX - 5 Stars
"Brian, Tony, and Jake have helped me out a ton. I have nothing but respect for this family. I will attest to the hard work this law firm will go through to help a client. All the way down to helping with bail and payments. 
Prices are very comparable to those around the courthouse square. These attorneys are some of the most down to earth guys in the biz.
****FUN FACT*****Brian Chavez was portrayed as a football player on the movie "Friday Night Lights." He was a Permian football player during the years depicted on the movie."

Antonia Sablan - 5 Stars
"Chavez Law Firm have such great people! Adrian Chavez is a great attorney! I truly believes he does his job from his heart and cares about his clients. Thank You Attorney Chavez!"

Maribel Bustillos - 5 Stars
"Very professional, experienced and caring law firm. The attorneys are truly amazing people."
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