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Criminal Lawyer, DWI Attorney  & Criminal Law Attorney in Odessa TX

Criminal Law Attorney, DWI Attorney, Drug Offense Attorney
& Federal Crime Attorney

Serving Odessa TX & Surrounding Areas

Whether you are looking for an assault attorney, probation violation attorney, or drug offense attorney, the skilled lawyers of the Chavez Law Firm are here to help you. We are proud to provide excellent service to all of our clients paired with a friendly approach. Our goal is to serve you and win the best possible outcome for your case. No matter what, we will fight for you and make sure you are more than satisfied with your representation.

We are proud to help clients defend themselves against charges in the following areas:

We also provide bail bonds in Odessa, TX

If you need to post bail to get a loved one out of jail, we can help. We offer bail bonds and we can help you post bail to get your loved one released quickly. Bail is posted under the condition that the arrested individual will show up on their court date. By working with us, you can get the money you need quickly. We work hard to make the whole process as easy as possible. When you need a bail bond, trust the legal experts at Chavez Law Firm. Call us today!
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